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What to Eat in Hong Kong

May 14, 2023

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Figuring out what to eat in Hong Kong? Here are some extensive lists that you can refer to.


Local Hong Kong Food

For a start, here’s a list of 40 Hong Kong Food that we can’t live without. We can never have enough of barbecued pork, Hong Kong-style French toast and traditional Dim Sum. If you are up for it, give stinky tofu or snake soup a try too! If you prefer to pick restaurants by reading customers’ reviews, a great resource would be OpenRice, a popular food and restaurant guide that locals use in Hong Kong.


Fine Dining

Whether you are on the hunt for award-winning cuisines or simply looking for an upscale restaurant for a romantic dinner, we’ve got it covered in our picks of the best Hong Kong fine dining restaurants.


Hong Kong Desserts

For travellers with a sweet tooth, you are in luck! The must-try are Hong Kong’s mango pomelo sago, egg tarts and steamed milk pudding. Read about our top 10 favourite desserts in Hong Kong.


Vegetarian Food

Meat-free meals in Hong Kong? No worries. Here are two comprehensive lists by Foodie and Happy Cow.


Gluten-Free Meals

Green Queen came up with some wonderful choices of Hong Kong restaurants with gluten-free menus. Alternatively, you can give Mana’s flatbreads a try. They are hand-made from scratch every day, with 30 toppings to choose from.


Halal Food

Nope, you don’t have to go to McDonald’s for a fish burger every time. We love the eateries that are mentioned on this Halal Food Guide. Wai Kee (23 Bowrington Road) and Islamic Centre Canteen (40 Oi Kwan Road) top our list.


Hong Kong Private Tour

If you are spoilt for choices and still can’t figure out what to eat in Hong Kong, why not book a private tour and go on a personal gastronomic adventure? Besides sampling authentic Hong Kong food, you’ll get to tour a wet market and learn more about the everyday life of a local. Now, how’s that for a true taste of local life?