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You haven’t seen what Hong Kong truly has to offer…

If all you have been to are our tourist attractions.

Travel like a Local

What is it?

Have you ever spent your precious time and money on a tour, only to realise it was the worst tour ever? Perhaps, you dislike the cookie-cutter itinerary where the tour guide bores you with a scripted presentation. Or, you hate visiting “compulsory” jewellery shops where you have to sit through a sales talk and be ripped off for being a tourist. Maybe, even though you were promised a “local experience”, you find yourself dining at restaurants where the only patrons are tourists themselves. Why does it have to be this way? It doesn’t.

As avid travellers ourselves, we believe in travelling like a local. It inspires us greatly whenever we go off the beaten path and be immersed in an authentic local environment. Don’t get us wrong. Traveling like a local isn’t about snubbing popular tourist attractions. In fact, we are big – sometimes overly crazy – fans of Hong Kong tourist attractions! When you visit Hong Kong, you will love the breathtaking view from Victoria Peak, especially at our secret spot. Likewise, we can’t wait to see that cheeky smile on your face when you secure a good deal at the Ladies’ Market. Woohoo!

But, if you have thought of leaving the tourist bubble for some moments and making genuine connections with kind native people, then you have come to the right place.

Travel like a Local


If Hong Kong is an iceberg, your compiled list of “must-see” tourist attractions is just the very tip. We aren’t joking when we say we have got so much more to share with you! Hong Kong has a population of 7 million (and growing), who interact with Hong Kong on a daily basis. The country is designed for these people and they have built a unique way of life beyond tourist attractions. Have you wondered what a local thinks of Hong Kong and how they live?

How have historical events shaped their identity?

What is a day in the life of a Hong Kong person?

What are some of the local quirks and culture?

The complete Hong Kong experience isn’t something that our tourist attractions can provide in its entirety. Let’s see… We wish we could paint you a picture of ordered chaos in Hong Kong, most noticeable during our hectic lunchtime. How can we highlight the fighting spirit exuded by Hong Kong people – not merely from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan? What about the numerous contrasts across the city that reflect the beautiful diversity of Hong Kong? We can’t do justice with these few paragraphs of text and this is where it gets tricky. How do you then get to know the more intimate details (Gasp! Secrets!) of Hong Kong? How do you travel like a local?

Travel like a Local


We think the only way to get this insider’s perspective is for you to see and experience everyday life yourself. For this reason, we love making it fun and easy for you to immerse yourself in an authentic Hong Kong environment! Here’s what you can count on when you go on a Big Foot Tour:

Experience Real Hong Kong

We leave our fantastic tourist attractions alone for some moments in order to immerse you in local neighborhoods. You see what the people here do, eat and believe in. To get around Hong Kong, we ditch the luxury of coach buses so that we rely on our own feet and Hong Kong’s impressive public transport system, just as how most locals would. During our walks, we point out interesting sights that have long seeped into a local’s subconscious. Through fun facts and engaging conversations, we delve into Hong Kong’s past, examine current issues and discuss future challenges. In that way, you connect deeper with the heartland and truly understand why – even though it is by no means perfect – the locals call it home.

Travel with a Local

At Big Foot Tour, your tour guides are locals who treat you not merely as a customer, but a friend that we treasure. Just like how you would have a list of your hang-out places to tell your visiting friends, we share with you our personal favorites – secret chill-out places, hole-in-the-wall eateries as well as any place that allow you to get the best bang for the buck! We do not pressure you to buy things that you don’t need because we do not take commissions from any form of establishment. Oh yes, we also do not make you wear the same caps, follow a flag and herd you along with 30 other people. One thing is for sure, we love keeping your tour happy and intimate.

So what are you waiting for?

We will bring you on your Hong Kong walking tours, where you will have plenty of opportunities to travel like a local. Lace your trainers and join us for a walk that immerses you in an authentic Hong Kong environment. We hope that, through such a local connection, you will gain moments that last with you for the rest of your life!