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Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

May 14, 2023

Victoria Peak - Hong Kong Tours - Big Foot Tour

We give you our top 5 recommendations for the best things to do in Hong Kong, including links to awesome step-by-step guides.


Victoria Peak | Top Things to Do in Hong Kong


If you love city views from the top, you can’t miss a trip to Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. However, it is a known fact that the waiting lines for the Peak Tram can get pretty crazy, often a 2-hour queue just to have that short 7-minutes ride. While there are express fast-track passes sold by tour operators, there may be up to hundreds takers per session, which means you would still be in the line with them!

Bonus Tip: Now, here’s our little cheat sheet on how to get to Victoria Peak in the quickest way possible. In the link, you’ll also find a detailed step-by-step guide to our secret spot, which offers a free breathtaking view of Hong Kong. When you get there, do share your amazing photos with us on Instagram by tagging #bigfoottour.

(Psst… here’s some Hong Kong photography tips for you.)


10000 Buddhas Monastery | Top Things to Do in Hong Kong


Are you one of those well-travelled visitors who has been “templed-out”? Well, trust us when we say you can’t miss the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong. Here’s a true story for you: To demonstrate the depth of his faith to Buddhism, Reverend Yuet Kai cut off two fingers on his left hand as well as a piece of flesh – which was the size of his palm – from his chests, so that he could set fire to them and light up 48 oil lamps! Today, devotees pay their respect to the immortal body of Reverend Yuet Kai (still in almost perfect condition since 1965) in the main hall.

Bonus Tip: Here’s our handy guide on finding the elusive monastery.


Cheung Chau Island | Top Things to Do in Hong Kong


Hong Kong has more than 260 outlying islands. If you are thinking of spending a lazy afternoon away from the city’s buzz, look no further than Cheung Chau. Known for its bun festival, the quaint island has lots more to offer, including the famous Cheung Po Tsai Caves. To give a little background, Cheung Po Tsai was an infamous pirate who plagued the South China Sea at the end of the 18th Century. Often portrayed as “Robin Hood”, he once commanded a fleet of 600 ships and 50,000 men. One of his hiding places was the Cheung Po Tsai Caves. After surrendering to the Qing Government in 1810, he was given an officer position in the Chinese Navy.

Bonus Tip: Once you get to Cheung Chau Island, take the sampan ferry service from the public pier to the caves – you’ll never know what you can find!


Tram & Star Ferry | Top Things to Do in Hong Kong


Ding ding! Trams have been running between the East and West of Hong Kong Island since 1904. Today, Hong Kong Tramways has the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet and carries an average of 200,000 passengers daily. The fares are priced affordably at only HK$2.30 for an adult ticket and approximately half-price for children and seniors. In similar manner, you can’t miss a ride on the Star Ferry. It ranked first in the World’s “Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides” in 2009 and, in our opinion, it is the most value-for-money harbour ride across the Victoria Harbour.

Bonus Tip: Remember, you have to board the tram from the back and exit from the front. For the best viewing spot on the tram, head to the upper deck and sit right at the front. For the Star Ferry ride between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central, we suggest going for the lower deck – the fare is slightly cheaper and we love the rustic vibe!


Big Foot Tour | Top Things to Do in Hong Kong


Have you ever wondered how much has Hong Kong changed since the Handover? What is a day in the life of a local? Or where can you eat like a local, so that you are not paying for overpriced food? If so, consider going on a walking tour, so as to get an insider’s perspective of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s a great walking city and you’ll discover much more by sussing out the backstreets and hidden alleys.

Bonus Tip: Book the top-rated Hong Kong tours at Big Foot Tour. You’ll get to travel like a local and learn what the people here do, eat, and believe in.

See you in Hong Kong soon!