Question: How much walking is there on a Hong Kong Walking Tour?

Answer: It depends on your itinerary but a general estimate would be around 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) for a 4-hour walking tour. For our private tours, we can go at whatever pace your group chooses. If you like to, we can take the public transport (e.g. buses, MTR, trams) too. With this in mind, if you have any serious health or mobility issues, please let us know beforehand so that we can plan ahead accordingly.

Question: Can I book my hotel and flights through Big Foot Tour?

Answer: We don’t. We specialize only in Hong Kong walking tours. For hotels in Hong Kong, you can refer to our blog article for our personal recommendations, “Best Places to Stay in Hong Kong“.

Question: Do you offer tours to Hong Kong Disneyland, Madam Tussauds and Ocean Park?

Answer: We don’t. Honestly, hiring us to take you to these attractions is not necessary as you can easily visit them on your own.

Question: Do you offer group tours?

Answer: Yes, we do. You can check out our small-group Hong Kong walking tour: Urban New Territories TourHong Kong 10000 Buddhas & Tai Po Market Tour as well as Happy Go Lucky Hong Kong Tour. These groups are capped at a maximum of 8-10 participants, so you can be assured of an intimate and fun tour too.

Question: Can you combine participants to share a private tour (Real Hong Kong Tour, Hong Kong Private Tour, Hong Kong Food Tour or Kowloon Private Tour) to cut costs?

Answer: No. However, you are more than welcome to try and do this on your own. We have guests who left their tour dates, interested tours as well as “Big Foot Tour” name on TripAdvisor or other travel forums. You may find like-minded travelers that way.

Question: Can I book a private car for my Hong Kong walking tour?

Answer: No. Our tours are interesting because we explore the city just as how most locals get around – by foot or by our efficient public transport system!

Question: For my Hong Kong walking tour, I want to exclude jewellery stores and factory outlets. Will that be possible?

Answer: Definitely, for all of our Hong Kong walking tours, we will not visit any of these commercial establishment. We do not take commission of any kind. You have our word!

Question: Do you offer tours of Macau or Shenzhen?

Answer: No, we don’t. We offer only walking tours of Hong Kong.

Question: Do you offer tours in other languages?

Answer: No, we conduct Hong Kong walking tours only in English. We do not offer tours in Spanish, French, German or Japanese.

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Question: What is the refund policy for my Hong Kong Walking Tour?

Answer: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions. We generally do not encourage you to book your tour on the same day that your flight is due to arrive. As we all know, flights may run late. If your flight is arriving on the same day as your walking tour, we suggest giving yourselves at least 3 hours between your flight arrival and your tour starting time.

Question: How do I book a Hong Kong walking tour?

Answer: To make a Hong Kong walking tour booking, please complete the Hong Kong Tours – Booking Form. Thereafter, we will get back to you on your tour availability via email within 24 hours.

Question: Help! I sent an email 24 hours ago but I did not receive any reply.

Answer: We don’t like to keep you waiting. However, our email may be rejected automatically due to your mailbox being full or a wrong email address being provided. More than often, our email lands up as Spam (not the tinned meat kind). If you are using Gmail’s Tabbed Interface, our email may be filtered to your Social, Promotions or Updates tabs. So please keep a lookout for our email as we will definitely reply within 24 hours. We promise!

Question: I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay for my Hong Kong walking tour by credit cards instead?

Answer: For payment of your Hong Kong walking tour, you do not need to have a PayPal account. To clarify, we rely on PayPal so as to provide our guests with a secured platform for all financial transactions. With this in mind, when we send you an invoice through PayPal, you can definitely use your credit cards to complete the payment (even if you are not a PayPal account holder).

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Getting Ready

Question: Do I need a special travelling card to use the Hong Kong’s public transport system?

Answer: You can pay for transport in Hong Kong using cash. Nonetheless, our recommendation is to get an Octopus card, of which you can use it for taking the MTR, buses, trams and Star Ferry. An Adult Octopus card costs HK$150, whereby HK$50 is a refundable deposit and HK$100 would be the initial card value that you can use for your transport. In like manner, a Child or a Senior card costs HK$70, with a similar HK$50 refundable deposit. To find out more details on the Octopus card, please click here.

Question: What should I wear for my Hong Kong walking tour?

Answer: The most important piece of article would be a pair of comfortable walking shoes. This is because Hong Kong has a fair bit of slopes and steep roads. As a result, we advise against heels or newly bought leather shoes.

Other than that, perhaps you may want to check the weather forecast a day before your Hong Kong walking tour, so that you can be dressed appropriately. For your convenience, the Hong Kong Observatory’s website can be found here.

Question: Do I have to tip the tour guide at the end of my Hong Kong walking tour?

Answer: No, you don’t have to. For all of our Hong Kong walking tours, tipping is always optional as we view it as our responsibility to provide exceptional tour service. For this reason, there is absolutely no obligation to tip.



Question: What is Big Foot Tour’s contact number?

Answer: You may reach us at (+852)81929928. That being said, the fastest way to contact us will be via email. To give our guests our undivided attention during their Hong Kong walking tours, we do not use our mobile phones until a tour is over. Hence there will be moments when we cannot pick your call. So please leave us an email and we will reply as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, for more information on Hong Kong or our walking tours, you can also visit Big Foot Tour’s blog. We have shared many interesting articles on Hong Kong, including our travel guide for “Victoria Peak“, “Ten Thousand Buddhas” and “Cheung Chau” as well as our recommendations for “Top 10 Hong Kong Desserts” and “Best Hong Kong Fine Dining Restaurants“.