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“Small group tours tailored to your interests really get behind the scenes of daily Hong Kong life. Itineraries can focus on food (wanna try snake soup?), architecture, nature or whatever strikes your fancy, and guides are full of interesting facts.”Lonely Planet

British Airways Executive Club - Hong Kong Tours

“Dim sum, egg tarts, barbecued pork, shrimp dumpling noodles, snake soup, turtle jelly – these and many more dishes are some of the milestones on the Big Foot Food Tour, run by Singaporean Ski Yeo. The tours can be customized, and take in local neighbourhoods and culture as well as cuisine.” British Airways’ The Club Magazine

The Province - Hong Kong Tours

“We also went on a walking tour with Yeo, and were impressed by her willingness to change the itinerary on a moment’s notice, and her constant attention to make sure one of us didn’t go astray and get lost in the ever-present crowds. That personal touch is what makes travel experiences so memorable.” The Sunday Province

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“If you don’t speak or read Cantonese, finding your way around the maze of food stalls and restaurants can be a challenge. Barbara Heggen found the perfect solution.”-RN First Bite, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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“The best part about the morning was that we didn’t feel like we were on a tour. There were no time pressures or constraints and with Ski’s relaxed and easy-going nature, she has the ability to make you feel like you’re spending time with a friend!”Foodie Magazine

 “A slice of local life – an expert when it comes to exploring the city on foot, Ski has plenty of tips on how to see the real Hong Kong!”– World Traveller Magazine

 “Big Foot highlights interesting buildings, temples and markets along the way while discussing real issues that locals face!”TurboJET Horizon


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Customers’ Reviews

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Arden Pennell, Brooklyn, USA: 

“I had a great tour with Celia, who was very knowledgeable and friendly and committed to helping me have a good experience Hong Kong. She even went a few minutes over our time to ensure I got on the airport train smoothly. I also appreciated that Ski, the business founder, sent me a wonderful blog post on Victoria Peak after I mentioned being interested in nature. It showed me how to get to a lookout with a much better view than the touristy area. Really great advice and good experience.”

Nadia McDonagh, Australia:

“Hey Ski, I just wanted to say thank you SO much for organizing Celia to be our guide. She was amazing. We loved every minute of it and we learned so much. She was possibly the MOST patient person I’ve met, and managed to remain cheerful throughout the tour even though both of our kids were horrible! 

The food we tried with her was fabulous, and we went back to a couple of the places again today. We really loved it and have already recommended Celia and Bigfoot tours to other people staying here at our hotel. Thanks again for being part of making yesterday so great.”

Olesya Khleb, Moscow:

“Ivan was excellent! Very enthusiastic and very knowledgable!!! We are giving him 5 stars!!!”

Nancy Murray, Vancouver, Canada:

“We have wonderful memories (pictures and videos) of our tour with Ivan and it certainly was a highlight of our time in Hong Kong. We have related our stories to anyone who will listen and have given your info to our travel agent so others can enjoy as well. Hope the business continues to do well for you!”

David Andrews, New York, USA:

“We really enjoyed our tour with Maggie and greatly appreciated the information she shared with us about Hong Kong’s culture. She did a fantastic job. Please extend my gratitude to Maggie.”

Nancy Oglesby, Atlanta, USA:

“We had the best tour and visit with Maggie yesterday. It was amazing! We have had a great time in HK due in part to the great foundation that Maggie provided for us. Please tell Maggie “hello” from the three of us.  She is wonderful!”

Anna Goulding, Rice Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore:

“Ski, thanks so much for all of your hard work on this and putting the tour together. You have been a pleasure to work with and I will make a point of recommending your Hong Kong tours to friends, family and colleagues visiting Hong Kong!”

Matt Dagher-Margosian, Mandarin Journeys, USA:

“Dear Ski, I wanted to briefly email a (belated!) thank you for your work on our clients’ trips. You were every bit the VIP guide and host for their time in Hong Kong. Thank you so much for your hard work on short notice, I look forward to referring you again (and again!) to our VIP clients.”

Allison Reeves Grabowski, Carroll University, USA:

“Hi Ski, thank you for your time this past Wednesday. Our students report that your tour was their favorite event while we were traveling in Hong Kong. It’s always a pleasure to work with you and I wish you much success in your business.”

David & Miriam, Florida, USA:

“Ski, Hong Kong was one of the highpoints of our trip. Largely that was true because of you. We came away with an appreciation of the daily life of residents in Hong Kong and how tradition dictates so many facets of life.  We have been chatting about you with our friends and would be thrilled to be quoted as a referral.  Deeply appreciated not only your services, but the casual way we quickly considered the tour as lead by a friend. Great luck and good fortune in the future for your Hong Kong tours.”

Bridget & Duncan, UK:

“Hi Joe, thank you so much for today. it was a pleasure for us to be shown round Hong Kong by yourself the sights, the history and the food were great, also thanks for the Pomelo it was a tasty surprise on our return to the hotel. Take care and thanks again!”

Mike, Sally & Katie, Hertfordshire, UK:

“We had a wonderful tour with Joe. He was great company and gave us a fantastic insight into Hong Kong. We will be recommending Big Foot Tour to all of our friends!”

Lalo & Giorgiana, Treviso, Italy:

“Ciao, Joe and Thank very much for the beautiful day.”

Tom Kohler, Vermont, USA:

“Outstanding tour with Ski. A four hour walking tour in the markets of Kowloon.  Ski is very knowledgeable and speaks perfect English so I really got to see and experience a lot more than I could have by walking around by myself.  Was well worth the very reasonable cost.  Highly recommended.”

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