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Hong Kong Guide : Hong Kong Signboards (Part 1)

Jun 22, 2011

An iconic sight, you can’t miss our Hong Kong Signboards when you walk around the city.

Hong Kong signboards - Big Foot Tour

Signboards are everywhere and anywhere in Hong Kong.

If you look carefully, there are some really interesting ones. Check these out:

Hong Kong signboards - Big Foot Tour - Travel Guide

Distributing curses. Well, we think one is more than enough.

Whilst tiny, this little signboard was set up along the corridors of a police station for a big purpose –  to distribute slips of curses. Yes, we reiterate, curses. Literally translated, it says, “These curses are free for you to use. Everyone is allowed to have only one copy.” Hmmm… do you think I had taken one? *grin*

Hong Kong signboards - Big Foot Tour - Guide

*Ahem* I am the supervisor!

This Hong Kong signboard was found along the road side. It reads, “Area Responsible: Please contact this area responsible for any alteration of the access”. Then it includes the contact details of the Supervisor-in-charge. Now, how’s that for public accountability?