Visiting Hong Kong soon? The best souvenirs to bring home would be your precious memories of this bustling city. How do you then capture these treasured moments? Don’t miss these Hong Kong photography tips from award-winning moments photographer, David Teo.

Hong Kong Photography Tip #1 | Be Patient and Wait

Hong Kong Photography 10000 Buddhas Monastery Monkeys

Hong Kong Photography 10000 Buddhas Monastery Monkeys HK

Hong Kong Photography Ten Buddhas Monastery Monkeys

“For monkeys and statues, be patient and wait. Usually for shots like these, I have a tendency to shoot with both eyes open so I know what’s happening around me, in case I need to shift my focus. Though it’s focused on the monkey, framing is still important, and so is high shutter speed.”


Hong Kong Photography Tip #2 | Keep Frame Straight and Neat

Hong Kong Photography Joss Sticks Temples

Hong Kong Photography Tai Po Market

“I used the incense in the foreground as a frame to highlight the doorway to the temple. Keep your frame straight and neat so your viewer is not distracted. Use your foreground to help frame your subject and give it more depth.”


Hong Kong Photography Tip #3 | Utilise Interesting Elements as Frames

Hong Kong Photography Tai Po Wet Market

 “I love the banner at the bottom.”

Hong Kong Photography Sam Tung Uk

“I loved the long walkway with doors in the middle. Look for frames within a frame.”

Hong Kong Photography Yuen Yuen Institute

“Be careful not to overexpose the sky and use the greenery to help frame the temple.”


Biography: David Teo, Moments Photographer

“I believe in the power of stories: they invoke emotions and impact lives, not to mention last a lifetime. And that is the motivation behind my journalistic style, which is really to capture moments in order to present a compelling story, complete with a plot and casts to tell a good story.”

David is an award-winning moments photographer based in Singapore, specialising in wedding, corporate and travel photography. His ability to empathise with his subjects as well as unobtrusive photography style have resulted in beautiful photos that capture genuine reactions and magical moments. David is also a member of the International Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

Website: | Facebook @davidteophotography | Instagram @davidteoks


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