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Hong Kong Guide : Villain Hitting

Aug 13, 2012

Villain Hitter in Hong Kong

If I can give you an advice, I’ll say, never mess with the villain hitter in Hong Kong! A villain hitter is easily recognizable. Often, you’ll notice an elderly woman waiting for her customers under a bridge or next to a temple. Around her booth, she worships many God statues with burning candles, incense and fruits. A villain hitter earns her living by putting curses on her clients’ enemies. In other words, she helps you to drive away evil spirits or to reverse bad luck.

Villain Hitter - Hong Kong Guide - Big Foot Tour

Fancy a whacking good time?

Villain Hitter’s Cursing Techniques

Firstly, a villain hitter uses a human-shaped villain paper to represent your enemy. If you have a specific person in mind, you can provide the villain hitter with his/her name and, if possible, date and time of birth. Thereafter, she writes these information on the villain paper to identify and lock in the target. (Now you know you shouldn’t give these personal details away so easily in Hong Kong!)

Some of the cursing techniques used are:

  • Seeking power from various Gods by offering 3 joss sticks to each God statue;
  • Offering a fatty piece of pork to the White Tiger, which is known for causing arguments among people. Locals believe that a well-fed tiger (represented by a paper yellow tiger) will not create trouble;
  • Using an old slipper to hit on the villain continuously, because a worn-out one has been stepped on many times before and hence intensifying the curse;
  • Laying the piece of villain paper on a brick. In that way, the hard landing surface inflicts more pain on the enemy;
  • Simultaneously chanting evil curses loudly for at least 10 minutes.

Jingzhe – Villain Hitting Festival

The most popular period for villain hitting is on Jingzhe. Jingzhe is the 3rd of 24 solar terms in the traditional East Asian calendars. In the solar calendar, it usually falls on March 5th to March 7th. The traditional Chinese farming culture believes that during Jingzhe, thunderstorms will wake up hibernated insects. Consequently, efforts are made to get rid of these pests. Today, the focus has shifted. Many believe that this is the time to prevent other people from harming them. As such, Jingzhe is a prime time for villain hitting in Hong Kong.

In the name of technological advancement, there are actually mobile phone applications available for villain hitting. Now, you can have a whacking good time in private and on the move. Game on, or not?

Check this clip out.


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