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Hong Kong Guide: MTR Station Names

May 8, 2014

Hong Kong has one of the most efficient MTR system in the world. For example, you can easily make your way to Mong Kok station for our famous Ladies Market. Alternatively, travel to Kowloon Station for a panoramic view of Hong Kong from our tallest building, ICC. If you like to, you will find yourself at magnificent 10,000 Buddhas Monastery when you alight Sha Tin Station.

But, wait a minute, did you know:

Mongkok means “Prosperous Corner”, Kowloon refers to “Nine Dragons” and Sha Tin means “Sandfield?”

If you are keen to find out more, here’s a literal translation of all of our station names by Justin Moe:

Hong Kong MTR Stations map - Big Foot Tour - Hong Kong Tours


Watch these clips below (5 parts) which document the birth of our MTR system!