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Hong Kong Guide : Eat like a Local

Sep 16, 2013

Oh my God! This is one of the tastiest Roasted Duck Noodles I ever had – crispy skin with the most tender and juicy meat! Can you make a guess – which Hong Kong restaurant serves this and which top chef did they hire?

Hong Kong Travel Guide - Eat like a Local - Big Foot Tour

The roasted ducks are the restaurant’s calling cards. Cooked to perfection, they are proudly displayed in the shop. And boy, this signature dish certainly runs out really fast! 
Hong Kong Roasted Meat - Big Foot Tour - Eat like a local
Now, are you ready to check out the restaurant? Here you go.

Hong Kong Travel Guide - Eat like a Local - Big Foot Tour

Admittedly, it’s nothing fancy as they have a humble shop in a cooked food centre. However, this is the place where many locals in Hong Kong have their meals. The food is FANTASTIC and has won the hearts of many Hong Kong people. The meal costs HK$29, which includes a bowl of piping hot Cantonese soup. Great deal? You bet!

Hong Kong Food Court - Hong Kong Travel Guide - Eat like a Local - Big Foot Tour

How to Eat like a Local in a Cooked Food Centre

Firstly, you simply grab any available seat in front of the stall. Thereafter, the waiter promptly comes over to take your order. Within minutes, you will find your plate of delicious food on the table! How efficient is that?

Are you keen to eat like a local? Come and join us on our Hong Kong Food Tour. We introduce you to eateries that have conquered the hearts of millions of locals. It will be a day full of fun and mouth-watering local delights!