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Hong Kong Guide : Dogs’ Statements

Jun 22, 2011

Hong Kong loves dogs.

Notice that pram in the picture? Make no mistake, it is for the puppy. Hands up if you have assumed, at first glance, that it was for a human baby. (Me! Me! Me!)

Hong Kong Dogs - Big Foot Tour

Puppy: This pram is MINE. *smirk*

Now check this out. This dog is leaving its imprints! Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, or Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars? Not yet.

Dogs in Hong Kong

Thumbprint or Signature? Are you sure it will be valid?

It’s a call to the government. The writing on the board says, “Dear Officer, We have the right to survive. We are human’s friends. We are part of Hong Kong. We are part of the Earth. Please do not kill us! – Your friends (The animals)”.

Dogs and Hong Kong

Dog prints, human prints and big prints – What else is needed to mark our words?

It’s a small scale, but nonetheless, one of the more interesting protests that I had witnessed in Hong Kong.