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Hong Kong Guide : Birth Tourism in Hong Kong

Aug 29, 2013

Tourism in Hong Kong has gone beyond shopping, eating and sightseeing. Now, we have birth tourism in Hong Kong

Pregnant women from Mainland China have been crossing the border to give birth in Hong Kong, so that their children will become Hong Kong residents. The benefits are multi-fold, including possible exemption from China’s population policy. In addition, there is also access to higher standards of education and medical care in Hong Kong. To top it all, a Hong Kong passport makes travelling across countries easier.

Consequently, many Hong Kong people are unhappy at how the Mainland Chinese have swarmed the city and drained its resources. In fact, some Hong Kong people address these Mainland Chinese pregnant women as “locusts”. To show their frustration, they even created a Locust poster and a Locust song for them!

Here’s a clip that sums it up neatly:

In other words, one perspective insists, “We are Hong Kong. We have our own identity. Follow our rules.”

However, the other group objects,” Hey, it’s ONE country, two systems. Why are you rejecting your fellow Chinese?”

As a result, the tension goes on.

What do you think?

While you collect your thoughts, here’s the famous Locust Song that seems to express Hong Kong people’s sadness, anger and, to a certain extent, desperation.