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Hong Kong Guide: Hong Kong, 1938

Jul 13, 2011

People say, a picture says a thousand words.

A video? It paints many pictures and tells good history.

Today, we share with you a clip which brings us back to Hong Kong, 1938. Precious glimpses of old Hong Kong include:

  • Hong Kong as a bustling shipping port, which serves as a reminder of why British picked Hong Kong.
  • Our trams (Ding Ding) used to be along coastal lines. Over the next few decades, we had extensive land reclamation.
  • The simple life people used to have. Check out the sleeping baby at 05:16. At that time, no one was bothered by ergonomics.
  • Traditional occupations in action. Look out for a mui tsai sheltering her master with an umbrella  (03:30) and sedan-chair carriers (04:17).
  • Old Hong Kong architecture, where there used to be common squatters with balconies as well as buildings that were way shorter. Most of them have been torn down and rebuilt.

If you can’t view the embedded video, you may want to check out the youtube link directly.