Big Foot Tour is not an ordinary Hong Kong tour. Since year 2011, thousands of travellers have joined us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Hong Kong. Leaving tourist attractions for some moments, they immerse themselves in authentic local neighbourhoods. They connect deeper with Hong Kong by experiencing what the people here do, eat and believe in.

The team at Big Foot Tour are not your normal Hong Kong tour guides. We take care of you just as how a great friend would. There is absolutely no pressure to shop as we do not take commission from any establishment. More importantly, we love sharing the city’s best-kept secrets and valuable tips for beating the crowd at tourist attractions.

Yes, we are fully licensed. We know you need that peace of mind. All of our guides have a valid Tourist Guide Pass issued by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong. Our Travel Agents License number is 354025. In addition, we are also an active member of Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents.

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Ski · Founder of Big Foot Tour

Ski Yeo - Big Foot Tour - Hong Kong Walking Tour

Ski wants to live in a world filled with adventures, chocolates and colours. She left Singapore a decade ago and loves how her life has turned out to be full of good contradictions. A First-Class Honours Accountancy graduate from Nanyang Business School, Ski dreads numbers and ventures into the completely different world of tourism instead. An introvert who loves spending time alone, Ski finds herself delving into the joy of story-telling and creating meaningful relationships. As the founder of Big Foot Tour – a top-rated Hong Kong Walking Tour operator on TripAdvisor – she has provided many international travellers with a deeper look into Hong Kong’s culture.